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Rose Rebel is dedicated to a romantic but rebellious woman who lives relationships in an unconventional but sweet way, just like a marshmallow, the candy that inspires the fragrance.

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Elegance, refinement and intense harmony characterize the Arrogance Femme product line dedicated to a modern, fascinating and conscious woman.

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Femininity and seductive intensity. Arrogance Passion was created for a woman who unconsciously seduces through her way of being.

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Modernity and trembling freshness. Arrogance Blue was created for an extrovert, brilliant man, who likes to have fun. A man who lives intensely every moment of his life with enthusiasm and a dash of audacity.

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Determination and strong personality, Arrogance Uomo was created for a charming and charismatic man. A true leader who is capable of seducing with his brave and sparkling soul.